COVID-19 can make things more stressful. Get help when you need it.

PACK Home - getting help with COVID-19

Use these resources to help tackle your problems:

PACK Home - adult talking to child

Talk to someone you trust to share your problems.

PACK Home - SASSA sign

Contact SASSA (0800 60 10 11) if you don’t have food or money and qualify for a grant.

PACK Home - stay connected
Phone a helpline if you need someone to talk to.
  • Childline SA (for 0-16 year olds) – 0800055555 (24 hours)
  • MobieG – Live-chat counselling for teens (Sunday from 18:00, Monday –Thursday from 19:00)
PACK Home - clinic

If you have health problems, visit your health facility.

PACK Home - teacher talks to child

Speak to your teacher if you are struggling with your schoolwork.