Why must we keep apart from one another?

  • COVID-19 mainly spreads when we breathe in the small droplets produced when someone with COVID-19 breathes, coughs, sneezes, sings, talks or shouts.
  • These droplets also land on surfaces and objects. Sometimes we can catch COVID-19 if we touch those surfaces and then touch our eyes, nose or mouth.
PACK Home - social distance at taps showing virus spreading without masks

Keep apart from others to allow less chance for coronavirus to spread.

  • This will help protect those at risk of severe COVID-19 – those over 55 years or people with diabetes, HIV, TB, kidney disease, hypertension, chronic lung disease or cancer.
  • This will also ensure that less stress is placed  on our clinics and hospitals so that those who need healthcare can still get it.

How do we keep apart from one another?

PACK Home - stay home

Stay home.

PACK Home - queue at school

Keep apart from other people.

PACK Home - taxi queue

Only visit public places and use public transport when necessary.

PACK Home - avoid crowded spaces

Avoid crowds, close contact and confined spaces.

PACK Home - keep apart when at home