Looking after your physical and mental health will help you to cope better with the stresses of COVID-19.

PACK Home - family dinner

Have a routine for your day.

 Set times for meals, exercise, work, chores and sleep.

PACK Home - eat healthily

Eat healthily:

  • Try to eat a variety of foods, including fruit, vegetables, nuts and peas or lentils.
  • Avoid junk food and sugary treats.

Get active!

  • Exercise for an hour each day.
  • Do some slow breathing each day to relax.
PACK Home - limit tv time

Limit your screen time:

Too much screen can make you stressed, unfit and tired.

PACK Home - stay connected

Stay connected:

  • Stay in touch with friends on social media.
  • Spend time with supportive
    people at home.
PACK Home - family picnic

If you’re a teen, make wise choices:

PACK Home - no alcohol or smoking

Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs.

PACK Home - use condoms

Only start having sex if you’re ready. Use a condom and family planning.