• If children get COVID-19 they are less likely than adults to be very sick.
  • They can still catch coronavirus and pass it on.
PACK Home - sleeping

Stay at home if you are sick or someone at home has COVID-19.

PACK Home - queue at school

Keep 1,5 metres apart from others when standing in line, in the classroom, at breaktimes. Avoid hugging, kissing, shaking hands and high fives.

Wear a mask

  • Make sure you use it properly. 
  • Have a spare mask in case yours gets wet.
  • Only remove it to eat or drink (and store it safely).
  • Do not share masks with friends.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue.

PACK Home - classroom windows and door open

Breathe fresh air

  • Open the windows and doors.
  • Spend breaktime outside.


PACK Home - schoolgirls do not share food

Keep clean.

  • Wash your hands often, especially
    on arriving at school, before eating and drinking and after using the toilet.
  • Do not share cups, utensils or bottles with others.

Don’t tease others about COVID-19.
Be kind, the virus affects us all.