If you get coronavirus and are over 55 years or have a chronic condition like diabetes, HIV, TB, kidney disease, hypertension, chronic lung disease or cancer are more at risk of severe COVID-19.

Avoid catching coronavirus

Avoid others as much as possible

  • Don’t go out unless necessary.
  • Avoid having visitors in your home.
PACK Home - avoid group gatherings

If you do go out or spend time with others:

PACK Home - sitting with masks and social distancing

Keep physical distance.

PACK Home - do not shop in crowded stores

Avoid crowds, close contact and confined spaces.

PACK Home - lady in orange skirt wearing mask

Wear a mask.

PACK Home - chatting on park bench with masks on

Sit outside or open the windows.

PACK Home - wash hands

Wash your hands often.

Keep yourself healthy

Get vaccinated against COVID-19. See PACK Home Volume 5: Understanding the COVID vaccine.

PACK Home - clinic

Look after your health and mental health. If you do become unwell, seek health care promptly.

PACK Home - inhaler pills BP tool

Look after your chronic conditions. If your chronic condition is controlled, this will help prevent severe COVID-19 if you do catch it.

If others at home have COVID-19 or had contact with COVID-19, try to live separately until the isolation time is over.