• Having more than one chronic condition can bring extra challenges:
    • You need to attend more healthcare appointments.
    • You need to take more medication and may have extra side effects.
    • You may need help looking after yourself.
    • You are more likely to experience mental health problems.
  • Aim to control each condition, prevent its complications and limit the problems that can come with having more than one condition.
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Sort out your medication

  • Take all your medication with you when you visit your healthcare worker.
  • Some medications can interact with one another or cause extra side effects. Check with your healthcare worker if there any medications you should stop, decrease or replace.
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Schedule your appointments carefully
Try to have your check-up and get the medication for all your conditions at once.

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Communicate well with your healthcare worker/s

  • Try to have one healthcare worker helping you look after yourself and all your conditions.
  • If not possible, inform each healthcare worker about your other conditions, any issues that arise with each condition or changes in medication.
  •  Make sure your concerns and needs are heard. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
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Find someone to help you cope

  • Learn together about your conditions and treatment.
  • Invite them to attend your appointments with you.
  • Make sure they know what medication you take.
  • Discuss your healthcare wishes should you become unwell.