Take your medication to help control your condition, prevent complications and keep you well.

What can help you take your medication reliably?

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Take action!

Address the things that make it difficult to take your medication reliably

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Don’t understand
Read about your condition and how medication will help.

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Can’t read the instructions
Get help to read the instructions.

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Too stressed to remember or care. Discuss with someone you trust.

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Alcohol or drug abuse
Discuss with your healthcare worker.

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Difficulty collecting medication
Get help to collect it.

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Medication has side effects
Check the side effects in the  medication list.

Take medication as instructed​

  • Make sure you know what your medication is for, and how to take it. If unsure, ask your healthcare worker.
  • When you attend appointments, take all your medication with you.
  • If you run out or stop your medication, visit your healthcare facility to start it again.
  • Ask someone you trust to remind you to take your medication.
  • If you have a pillbox, place each day’s medication in it.
  • Do not share your medication with others.
  • Try to fit taking medication into your daily routine.
  • Read more about your medication.
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