If you have COVID-19, you may have a lot that worries you.

PACK Home - woman needing help

Find these resources to help tackle your problems

PACK Home - clinic

Contact your healthcare facility if your COVID-19 symptoms get worse or do not get better, or if you need more medication for your chronic condition.

PACK Home - SASSA sign
Contact SASSA if you don’t have money or food and qualify for a grant.
PACK Home - talking on the phone

Call a trusted friend if you are lonely or you need help with  your shopping and errands.

PACK Home - group gatherings

Speak to a community leader to find out what help is available for those with COVID-19 or if you are being harassed for having COVID-19.

PACK Home - community health worker knocking at door

Talk to a community health worker to get help with your medication for a chronic condition and to discuss COVID-19.

PACK Home - crying while on phone

Phone a helpline if you have trouble at home or are worrying too much.