• You can recover completely from COVID-19 and return to normal life.
  • Once recovered, you will not have coronavirus anymore and so can no longer infect others.
  • It is possible, but unlikely, that you will get COVID-19 again. Any certificate that guarantees that you will not get COVID-19 again is false.
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Know when it is safe to return to normal life

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Return to normal life only once you are well and have no COVID-19 symptoms. Then only stop isolation from others depending on your experience of COVID-19.

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If you had COVID-19 mildly and looked after yourself at home, you can stop isolation from others 10 days after your symptoms started.
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If you were in hospital for COVID-19, then you can stop isolation from others 10 days after your symptoms stopped.
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If you never had COVID-19 symptoms, but your COVID-19 test was positive, then you can stop isolation from others 10 days after the test was done.
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  • Once your period of isolation is over and you feel well, it is safe to return to work, school and public life.
  • There is no need to repeat your COVID-19 test.
  • If you need one, ask for a letter from your healthcare facility saying you are fit to return to work.
  • Delay starting exercise again for at least two weeks after your symptoms stop to avoid heart complications.

Keep an eye on your health​

  • If your symptoms persist or you become unwell again, contact your healthcare facility or phone a COVID-19 hotline.
  • Continue to look after your chronic condition if you have one.
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Do not be ashamed of having COVID-19.

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  • COVID-19 is a new disease and people often fear what is new or unknown.
  • Some people with COVID-19 have been harassed by others for having COVID-19.
  • Speak to a community leader, employer, school principal or trusted friend if you are  harassed.
  • Help others to understand COVID-19. Use reliable information.
  • WHO information on coronvirus

Remember to still keep physical distance from others, wear a mask in public and wash your hands often.