• The best way to prevent coronavirus from spreading is to keep separate from other people.
  • If you have to be in contact with others, wear a mask. Those you have contact with should wear a mask too.
  • Children under 2 years should not wear a mask.
PACK Home - woman in bed with carer

Speak to your healthcare provider or a COVID-19 hotline about which mask to use:

  • Medical masks work best, but are in short supply. If available, the
    person with COVID-19, his/her carer and anyone in the home at risk of severe COVID-19 should wear a medical mask.
  • If no medical masks are available, use a cloth mask.

Use a cloth mask safely:

PACK Home - cloth mask
PACK Home - tie mask
  • Wash your hands before and after using your mask.
  • Ensure your mask covers your mouth and nose.
  • Touch only the straps when you remove it.
  • Replace your mask if wet. If using a cloth mask, keep it in a container or plastic bag until you can wash it.
PACK Home - do not fiddle with mask
Do not touch your face or fiddle with your mask.
PACK Home - do not share masks

Do not share masks.

PACK Home - do no leave masks lying around
Do not leave used masks lying around; they are likely to have coronavirus on them.
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Wash your cloth mask with soap and very hot water (60°C). If the water is not very hot, boil the mask for 1 minute to disinfect it.

Have at least two masks so that you have a clean one ready.

  • After you take off your mask, wash your hands.

  • Discard a used medical mask safely in a closed bin or sealed plastic bag.

PACK Home - wash hands