When you spend time with others from outside your home, do so safely to avoid spreading coronavirus.

PACK Home - sleeping

If you are sick, stay at home.

PACK Home - talking on bench

Keep physical distance from others.

PACK Home - cloth mask

Wear a mask.

PACK Home - cough in elbow with mask on

Cover your cough.

PACK Home - preaching to congregation

Limit the size of your gatherings and keep them short.

PACK Home - do not give high fives

Do not shake hands, hug or kiss anyone outside those in your home.

PACK Home - choir should not singing

Don’t spit, shout or sing close to other people.

If you must be inside, open windows and doors to create good airflow.

Meet outside where possible.

PACK Home - talking outside

Be extra careful if you are at risk of severe COVID-19: over 55 years or with diabetes, HIV, TB, kidney disease, hypertension, chronic lung disease or cancer.