On arrival at the vaccine site:

  • Your vaccinator will check you are registered on the EVDS.
  • Your vaccinator will check that you give your permission to be vaccinated.
  • Wear clothing you can remove easily to expose your shoulder.
  • Tell your vaccinator if you had a serious allergic reaction before, are pregnant, have a clotting or bleeding problem or take medication that might make you bruise or bleed easily.
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Getting vaccinated is quick and easy

  • Your vaccinator will sanitise or wash hands before giving the vaccine.
  • You will receive an injection into the muscle of your left arm, just below the shoulder. It might be a bit uncomfortable. 
  • Apply gentle pressure afterwards, do not rub.
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Some vaccines require one dose, most require two:

  • If you receive the JnJ vaccine, you will get 1 dose.
  • If you receive the Pfizer vaccine, you will need 2 doses, given a few weeks apart.

When you are done:

  • You will need to wait for 15 minutes to check for an allergic reaction (this is very rare).
  • Make sure the vaccination is recorded on your vaccine card.
  • If you need a 2nd dose, check you have a return date.
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