There are many viruses which cause diseases that can lead to suffering and death. We prevent those disease with vaccinations.

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Our children get vaccinated
in their first few years to prevent diseases like measles, polio and TB.

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Teenagers get a vaccine to protect against a sexually transmitted virus that causes cancer.

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We vaccinate healthcare workers to protect them from viruses they might catch at work.

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We offer flu vaccines to older people, pregnant women, and those with chronic conditions as flu can be severe in these people.

There is no cure for COVID-19.

  • Many people have been sick with COVID-19, some severely.
  • Some have not recovered and months later are still unwell.
  • Some people who had COVID have caught it a second time.
  • Thousands have died from COVID-19.
  • We have all lost social, educational and work opportunities because of COVID-19 lockdowns.
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Vaccination will help to end the COVID-19 pandemic.


It will prevent sickness and death from COVID-19 and allow us to get back to normal life.

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