Helplines and websites

Coronavirus – COVID-19

Latest information on coronavirus (COVID-19)

For COVID-19 health-related concerns

Chronic conditions

Information, eating advice and support workshops

  • WhatsApp: 081 578 6636
Information, counselling and support groups
  • 0860 37 45 37 (08:00–16:30 Monday–Thursday, 08:00–14:00 Friday)

Information and support groups if you have had a stroke or any suffer from any heart condition

Counselling and information if you have HIV or are thinking of testing

Cancer related queries and support

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

Counselling, education and support groups if you require assistance with alcohol abuse
  • 0861 435 722 (09:30–17:00 Monday–Thursday, 09:30–15:00 Friday)

Support and help for people addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as their families

Information and support for drug addicts

Mental health

Counselling and support if you have depression or anxiety

For any suicide related support

  • 0800 567 567 (08:00–20:00)
  • SMS 31393 and a counsellor will call back
Counselling, support, rehabilitation, training and reintegration programmes

Counselling and support if you have a mental illness

  • 0800 12 13 14 (24 hours)
  • SMS 31393 and a counsellor will call back

Helpline for mental disorders, anxiety, depression and suicide

For support, awareness, training and information on dementia

Getting help

Information and guidance on any legal matter

Assistance with application for Medic Alert disc or bracelet

Counselling and crisis support

Counselling for any life crisis and referral to support services

For children and young adolescents who are in crises, abuse or at risk of abuse and violence

Assistance if experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault or abuse

A helpline for victims of abuse or domestic violence to call and speak to a social worker

SMS helpline in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse

Counselling and court support for rape survivors > 13 years

Live-chat counselling for teens

Abuse counselling and court preparation

Reporting child abuse or neglect

Reporting child abuse or neglect